FAQ published on December 26, 2017
In this activity, Dr. Matasar will explain how to evaluate a patient's response to immunotherapy in the relapse and first-line setting.
FAQ published on December 26, 2017
Join Dr. Matasar as he discusses how to decide if a newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma patient needs to have a bone marrow biopsy as part of their initial workup.
FAQ published on December 26, 2017
In this activity, Dr. Matasar provides an update from the ASH 2017 Annual Meeting on immunotherapy in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma.
FAQ published on December 8, 2017
Join Dr. Ansell as he will discuss the two main issues in today's management of front-line classical Hodgkin lymphoma, including bleomycin and radiation therapy.
FAQ published on November 13, 2017
Join Dr. John Sweetenham as he discusses the role of brentuximab vedotin as first-line salvage therapy prior to ASCT and ongoing studies using BV in combination with other conventional regimens.
FAQ published on October 9, 2017
In this activity, Dr Sweetenham will discuss the current options for patients with HL who have relapsed after autologous stem cell transplantation.
FAQ published on September 29, 2017
Dr. Ansell discusses what future changes may lie ahead beyond current treatment options in frontline therapy, focusing on new clinical trial results with brentuximab vedotin.
FAQ published on September 11, 2017
Join Dr. John Sweetenham as he discusses the risk factors that may predict ASCT outcomes including, primary refractory disease and extranodal disease.
FAQ published on August 7, 2017
Join Dr. Younes as he discusses how genome sequencing data should be applied to clinical practice of HL.
FAQ published on July 24, 2017
Dr. Stephen Ansell explains the mechanism of action and the role of immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
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